A Film by Spencer Ludwig

4th Estate, 2010

Spencer Ludwig, idealist and filmmaker, is making one of his regular duty visits from London to New York City to tend to his declining but still fearsome father. Driving back from one of their doctors’ appointments, Spencer decides not to take the turn to his father’s apartment: instead, they hit the road. Ahead of them will be an emotional ride to Atlantic City, as father and son try to make sense of each other’s lives and hearts, or at least their own. To reach, Spencer hopes, a suitably cinematic conclusion.

‘A joy to read.’ Deborah Orr, Guardian

‘Treads the fine line between comedy and tragedy with considerable wit and skill.’ Mail on Sunday

‘It’s a road movie, it’s a tender dialogue between parents and children, it’s wonderfully embarrassing about how artists think about their art, but it also has the mark of great fiction: it feels like it has existed forever’ Julie Myerson, Observer

some backstory to the writing of the book


A Film about Spencer Ludwig, directed by Ian Pons Jewell