John the Pupil

4th Estate, 2014

Being the reconstituted fragments of the account of the journey taken by John the Pupil and two companions, at the behest of the friar and magus Roger Bacon, from Oxford to Viterbo in A.D. 1267, carrying secret burden to His Holiness Clement IV, written by himself and detailing some of the difficulties and temptations endured along the way.

‘Every point on the earth is the apex of a pyramid filled with the forces of the heavens.’ Roger Bacon

‘astonishing’ Booklist

‘beautiful… The Middle Ages are being made real and there are passages as richly beautiful as an illuminated manuscript… He has that essential quality of the true novelist: the ability to make you look at the world in a new and surprising light.’ Allan Massie, The Scotsman

‘superbly written and intellectually stimulating’ Stuart Evers, The Independent

‘learned, funny and strikingly original’ Rose Wild, The Times

‘a work of genius’ Saturday Review on BBC Radio 4

New Statesman review