4th Estate 2000

In a city threatened with invation and inhabited by a divided population, ambitious young psychologist Gloria is on a mission to cure men’s souls. When Solomon Heller, a notorious tycoon with digestive problems, asks to be her sole client, she acquiesces, though it’s not easy to give up her favourite client, movie star Igo Sym. 
As war approaches, the city is transformed and Gloria is entangled in an increasingly dangerous world of conspirators, collaborators and stars. 
This is a novel on the efforts made to live ordinary lives in extraordinary times. 

‘a quite beautiful novel that stands apart from any category… intricately structured, driven, highly ambitious and at times very funny’ Economist 

‘Flusfeder’s prose is laser-like, his sparely drawn characters nonetheless full-bodied. This endlessly versatile author enters the heads and hearts of an actor, a tycoon, child, murderer and victim, and speaks with unfailing naturalness against an ever-darkening, ever-shifting landscape… This is a powerful, unflinching work.’ 
Jane Liddell-King, Jewish Chronicle