Luck bibliography

Wisdom must always have counters in her hand to play with… Our soul wants to be moved by the passions of hope or fear; it is made happy only by things that cause it to feel alive. Now gambling places us perpetually in the grip of these two passions, and consequently holds our soul in an emotion that is one of the great principles of happiness to be found in us. The pleasure that gambling has given me has often served to console me for not being rich… Every age has its own pleasures; those of old age are the most difficult to obtain: gambling, studying, if one is still capable of it.

Emilie du Châtelet Discourse on Happiness 1748

the task itself appeared larger than I had thought

RB Onians The Origins of European Thought about the Body, the Mind, the Soul, the World, Time, and Fate 1951

It was then that I saw the business of writing for what it truly was and is to me. It is your penance for not being lucky.

Anita Brookner Look at Me 1983

The list below is a partial bibliography of my reading to research LUCK. The core texts are by FN David and Lorraine Daston.

The works are listed in the order they are cited or referred to in the book. 


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George Eliot               Middlemarch 1871

1 – The Philosopher

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3 – The Wit of Thomas Bastard

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“Thomas Bastard”      internet search 16 October 2020
‘Thomas Bastard’       Poetry Foundation  

4 – Roulettenburg

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5 – Getting God to Speak

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6 – My Lucky Underpants

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7 – I Saw Dangeau Play!

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8 – The Slopes of Vesuvius

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Ashley Revell making his bet
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9 – The Measurement of Uncertain Things

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10 – By Paths Coincident (canned chance)

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11 – The Rice of Chance

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12 – Group Luck

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14 – Friday 13th in Las Vegas

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Quotes from the Old Testament are generally from the Robert Alter translation; from the New I’ve used either the Vulgate or King James editions.